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Business Internet Web Presence - Internet Domain Name
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 05 March 2009 20:34

The first thing you will need to establish your Internet presence is a Domain Name for your company. The domain name is effectively an address that identifies your web site on the Internet. For example, our domain name is: getmybusinessonline.co.uk

Domain NamesComputers connected to the Internet have a unique numerical address, called an IP address, so that information is delivered to the right place. The domain name system (DNS) translates this numerical address in to a more user-friendly and understandable name. The resulting domain name is thus easier to remember and aids people to find what they are looking for on the Internet.

Domain names are also used in e-mail addresses, for example, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , that enable people to send and receive electronic messages.

As you will see, there are two components to the domain name. The first part - getmysbusinessonline - is the name we have chosen. This name should be either you company name or what your company does. The second part - .co.uk - is saying that this is a UK company web site (the .co part standing for company and the .uk part, obviously, meaning the United Kingdom). 

For a business domain name, you have several options. You can either go with:

  • .com - this, in effect is a global name and not tied to any specific country. All the big global corporations will use this suffix, such as microsoft.com, barclays.com, vodafone.com and if you want to target a global audience with your web site then a .com address is worth looking at.
  • .co.uk - this is the standard suffix for UK companies. If you are only targetting the UK with your web site, this is the one to go for. This is also often used in conjunction with a .com address. For instance, Vodafone will have a .com address for their global web site and a .co.uk address for their UK specific operations.
  • .ltd.uk - this is a relatively new suffix and is aimed at private limited UK companies.
  • .plc.uk - this is fairly new like the .ltd.uk but is aimed at publicly listed companies

There are also several other suffixes available but the ones listed above are the main ones and the ones that should be of most relevance for your business.

Costs vary as to the type of domain you buy and from whom you buy it. Top level domains like .com are more expensive than second level domains such as .co.uk. When you buy a domain, you are effectively leasing it for a period of time. i.e. you will pay a certain amount per year or per every two years for the use of a domain name but if you stop paying for the domain then it becomes available for anyone else to buy.

Before buying just a domain name, bear in mind that if you will also be wanting to buy a web hosting package of some description, you may well find that you get a free domain name with a particular level of hosting, meaning you won't need to buy both. Please see our Web Hosting section for more information on this topic.

If you are purely after a domain name, then we can recommend the domain registrars listed below.





.co.uk domain names from £2.99 per year and .com domains from £8.99 a year


1and1 Internet


1&1 Internet

.co.uk domain names from £2.99 per year and .com domains from £8.99 a year




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Last Updated on Thursday, 05 March 2009 21:56
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