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1. Basic Domain Name & Hosting Services List
(Business Internet Web Presence/Domain Hosting & Name Registration Providers)
... and Domain Services Available</B></TD> </TR> <TR>     <TD nowrap="nowrap" valign="bottom" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></TD>     <TD nowrap="nowrap" align="center" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">Domains</TD> ...
2. Web Hosting Packages
(Business Internet Web Presence/Business Internet Web Hosting)
... squarely at business web sites. All the limits are increased, i.e. web space, traffic limits, email accounts, subdomains etc. and there are now usually more business orientated tools and services such ...
3. Buy your Domain Name
(Business Internet Web Presence/Internet Domain Name)
... whom you buy it. Top level domains like .com are more expensive than second level domains such as .co.uk. When you buy a domain, you are effectively leasing it for a period of time. i.e. you will pay a ...
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